You No Good Music

Released! October! 2010!

Holehouse Is it really four years since Stolen Strategies? Guess it must be, but mere time means little to the Cthulhu Brothers, we gulp it down and belch it back up again in the form of music. So You No Good Music is available on CD now. There are more songs than on Stolen Strategies:
  1. Recycle
  2. Heaven
  3. Childhood
  4. It Fell
  5. Aconite
  6. The Inner Worm
  7. Into the Labyrinth
  8. Lightning Rod
  9. Don't Meet their Eyes
  10. Flyover
  11. Anton
  12. The Yellowing
Sample track: lizard

Want to hear more? Just email (leng at and tell us who you are and why you'd like a copy of the CD. We will reply, letting you know how much a copy of the CD will cost you. We reserve the right to charge any sum we feel is appropriate, starting from £0.00, based on what's in your email. We may ask for non-monetary forms of payment and innovative suggestions of this sort are particularly encouraged. We'd love to just swap CD's with other musicians. If you know our real names you can just ask for a copy.

Remember that all communications are possible through: leng (at)
Cthulhu Brothers; 31 October 2010